Hollywood Makeover TV Title Card

Indie Filmmaker Corner

If you are an Independent Filmmaker and have comments about Hollywood Makeover, then this is the place to make your comments known.

Please Contact Us and submit your comments, we'd like to hear from You!

Some comments we would like to hear:

  1. What do you think we can do to improve the show?
  2. What ideas for new shows do you have?
  3. What episodes of Hollywood Makeover impacted you and why?
  4. Is there someone in the film business you know that would like to be interviewed?
  5. Do you have a Hollywood Tidbit filmed in HD you would like to submit?
  6. Do you have an area of interest in independent filmmaking we have missed?
  7. Do you know any stations or schools that would want copies of our shows?

Thanks for contacting us. Look for future boradcasts on stations world-wide!