Hollywood Makeover TV Title Card

Episode 1 (28:30)

Episode 1: Mark Thompson Stunt Car Driver

Rachelle interviews stunt vehicle owner Mark Thompson about how to use vehicle mounted cameras in movies, covering action in and out of the car.

Episode 2 (28:30)

Episode 2: Interview with Brian Lesk of Unlimited Consignment

Rachelle interviews Unlimited Consignment owner Brian Lesk about securing props and furniture for your set at a cost an independent filmmaker can afford.

Episode 3 (28:30)

Episode 3: Film Festivals with Jason Carney

Rachelle visits with Jason Carney and discusses how Film Festivals help promote independent films.

Episode 4 (28:30)

Episode 4: Wardrobe selection with Misty

Rachelle discusses picking the right wardrobe for period pieces with Misty of Vintage by Misty.

Episode 5 (28:30)

Episode 5: Interview with Pro Motorsports

Rachelle interviews Pro Motorsports about their tricked out vehicles and discussing how to get that wow factor into your independent film.

Episode 6 (28:30)

Episode 6: Hollywood Makeover crew enjoying Naked Pizza

Rachelle intervies a pizza shop owner and discusses how to feed cast and crew on a budget while keeping it healthy.

Episode 7 (28:30)

Episode 7: Interview with Allison Stewart

Rachelle interviews artist Allison Stewart about using Art in Independent Filmmaking.

Episode 8 (28:30)

Episode 8: Lou Pimber Firearms Demonstration

Rachelle interviews ex-undercover officer and movie actor Lou Pimber about how to properly handle guns on set and look pro doing it.

Episode 9 (28:30)

Episode 9: Harold Crist of Windmill Farms

Rachelle interviews Harold Crist at the Windmill Farms in Florence about how to choose the right location for your independent feature.

Episode 10 (28:30)

Episode 10: Rachelle and Talent laughing together.

Rachelle conducts auditions and interviews several actors and actresses.

Episode 11 (28:30)

Episode 11: Christy Moll and Brian Cahill performing with Arabian Horse

Rachelle interviews horse trainer Christy Moll from Arabian Dreams Ranch about the proper care and use of animals on your film set.

Episode 12 (28:30)

Episode 12: Actress to Rocker Chick Transformation at Le Studio Salon

Rachelle goes to Le Studio Salon in Mesa, Arizona for an interview and hands-on guide to combining wardrobe, accessories and hair styling to give your characters an authentic look.

Episode 13 (28:30)

Episode 13: Rachelle interviews Francisco Arboleda regarding permits

Rachelle interviews Francisco Arboleda of XP Media on location in Maricopa, Arizona about securing city permits for all your outdoor filming locations.

Episode 14 (28:30)

Episode 14: Proper Lighting Techniques

Rachelle interviews Independent Movie Producer and Director Lee Tacker about the proper use of lights and different lighting setups for your film.

Episode 15 (28:30)

Episode 15: Green Screen and ADR

Rachelle visits Wild Storm Studios, a green screen room, and talks with owner Justin Mack about compositing, special effects, virtual studios, and ADR.

Episode 16 (28:30)

Episode 16: Rachelle, Getting that Big Film Look

Rachelle discusses how to get that big movie look from your small DSLR camera.

Episode 17 (28:30)

Episode 17: Brad White Director of Photography, Part 1

In this episode Hollywood Makeover discusses with Brad White, Director of Photography, what a skilled DP can bring to your film and how they can help you set up shots. Part I.

Episode 18 (28:30)

Episode 18: Brad White Director of Photography, Part 2

Hollywood Makeover visits again with Brad White discussing points about working with a limited budget and seeing things from a camera lens. Part II.

Episode 19 (28:30)

Episode 19: Rachelle interviews Ken Mary from Sonic Phish Studios

Rachelle goes to Sonic Phish Studio to talk with Ken Mary, sound designer, about how important good audio is, and tips for mixing, EQ, ADR and sound sweetening.